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Alumni Association

Dear Alumni,

As you all know, the institution values the contribution of you all as alumni and considers you as the resource of the institution. While we have some of you who are passionately involved in various activities of the college, we wish to involve more and more of you with the activities of the institution. Your alma mater  can be a common platform for all of you to meet, share and grow.

We are keen to know your professional and personal achievements so that we can showcase them.  I hereby invite all of you to be actively associated with the institution. You can download the form ( Download The Form)  and after duly filling in your updated infornmation, e mail to

I am sure you will be proud to be associated with your institution. Become a life member of Alumni Association by paying a one time amount of Rs.1000/-or become a member by paying Rs.500/- annually.

Looking forward to meeting and interacting with you all,

Best Wishes,

Dr. Thirunavukarasu
Gojan College of Teacher Education..

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